Mar 132013


released 13 March 2013

Louis Burdett – Percussion, wind synth & electronics // Patrick Kavanagh – Guitar, keyboard, fx // Anastasia Mano – Vocals & Lyrics

Crap Erotica & Devil’s Lounge recorded live at Chingalings, Sydney, January 2011
All other tracks recorded at the Cougar Bar. Thanks go to Venom!
Mixed & Mastered at Death Trap Productions, Adelaide
Produced & Engineered by Patrick Kavanagh
#02 2013

May 052012

Louis Burdett – Electronic drums, violin, sampler & Sherman filterbank.
Patrick Kavanagh – Synths, looping & processing.
Anastasia Mano – Vocals | 2011 Killers Car Records#001 CD & DVDBuy Now  $15 AUD | edition of 100

DVD includes all tracks interpreted in a majestic representation of Radiolaria and Siphonophorae from Ernst Haekel’s art forms in nature…


Nov 132011

Home by X-E-S
Louis Burdett | Patrick Kavanagh | Anastasia Mano
2011 Killers Car Records#001
… a majestic representation of Radiolaria and Siphonophorae from Ernst Haekel’s art forms in nature…
proudly presented by Twisted Subterranean Death Trap

Mar 062011

Live at the Performance Space, Carriage Works, 26th February 2011.
Auraltered State Finale:
Presented by the performance space in association with dualpLOVER.
Some erotic space noise from Louis Burdett and Patrick Kavanagh with Anastasia Mano.
Backing projection by Patrick Kavanagh using the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel.
The finale of the Auraltered State NSWentric music series, the seventh and last in a series free concerts focussing on the music of New South Wales as heard through the ears of Lucas Abela. These performances focus on presenting evenings of wildly contrasting music’s from some of our more irreverent, innovative, unusual and original artists from now, then and the future. This series has been kindly supported by the NSW ministry of the arts.

May 012010

Louis Burdett – Electronic drums, Keyboards, Pocket trumpet, Flute, Wind synth & Door.
Patrick Kavanagh – Electric guitar, Keyboards, Looping, Wind synth, Fx, Plumbing & Door.
Guest vocals by Anastasia Mano on ‘Striped Vagrant Haiku Blackout’

Louis Burdett has played with many rock and jazz artists from Doug Williams and Russell Smith and Bobby Barren in Powerhouse, Renae Gayer the nerve with Tex Perkins, Bo Diddley, Dale Barlow, Evan Parker Dave Fennell’s powerpoint,Jon Rose, unconscious collective,Paris Green Northgate Jazz co-op Chiang Mia, berlin love parade,wangaratta jazz festival, Bart Willoughby & Mixed Relations,Serge Ermol’s Free Kata,qantastic jazz festival, london musicians collective Clarion Fracture Zone, Bill Crosby Bill Barrett Big Band, Jackie Clarke from Califunk (Ike and Tina Turner) Chrissy Amphlet, NineLives The Cat and punk bands such as The Real Fuckin Idiots, The Paranoia Club etc. He plays all percussive, brass and woodwind instruments,,,studying violin at the moment. likes to improvise on any intraments or sound making de vices He’s an actor, performance artist, spiritual atheist …

Patrick is from ‘Twisted Subterranean Death Trap’ & ‘Spiney Fleshpot’. 2009 saw collaborations with Bain Wolfkind on ‘The Swamp Angel’ and Orryelle’s ‘Retcha-Watcher’. December 2007 saw ‘Twisted Subterranean Death Trap’ performing a live soundtrack to ‘Dr. Mabuse – Der Spieler’ at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide. A collaboration with Can A Worms label mate ‘Spiney Fleshpot’, featuring tracks from both acts’ 2007 CDs as well as Peter Read’s ‘The Wellington Boot Up Files’. Previous acts include ‘Dweller on the Threshold’; ‘Jaundiced Eye’; ‘Box the Jesuit’; ‘Madroom’; ‘Moist’; ‘Leather Moustache’ and ‘Smack of Jellyfish’