Nov 112016


Dedicated to Peter Read who will be missed around here.
This is my first solo album under my own name.
The music is experimental, electronic, and instrumental with a lot of piano and synthesizer.
The songs are long and meditative.
This is a limited release of 33 Cd’s through Killer’s Car Records. It comes in a lovely handmade digipak, hand numbered.
Also available as a digital download.

Thanks, love and appreciation go to my darling Wanda for the infinite inspirations invoked daily through her inner strength, beauty and loveliness; and for bringing far off and improbable worlds into glorious being.

Patrick Kavanagh plays all musical and nonmusical instruments.
Wanda Jeanne Kavanagh conjured and inspired titles for the album and the songs upon it.
Wanda supplied the piano key photo for the cover.
Patrick is responsible for the starfish photo & the layout.
Ruby Kavanagh donated the piano which had to be dismantled to fit in the house.
Owen appears in The Beginning of Beginnings through the mists of times long gone.

killerscar #004 2016
CD – limited edition of 33 – $15
Download – $10
Released November 11, 2016

Oct 102014



This is a very long playing double album of hypnotic pieces recorded over quite a few years in and around the death trap.
Please enjoy responsibly. Remember, safety is no accident.
released 10 October 2014
Anastasia Mano – Vocals
Patrick Kavanagh – Music

May 242014


A DVD of live experimental noise filmed at the Sonic Side Show, Adelaide, 2014 – $5

featuring Bonsai Kitten / Subterranean Death Trap /  Isolation Valve / Baghdad Social Club / Navel of Limbo / Tiger et Ghost / GZUTT / Tesla Sect

Free download of the audio recording available here –

killerscar #002
released 24 May 2014
Audio recording: Mike Baraniec
Video: Patrick Kavanagh
May 232014


Leather Moustache & Friends.
This tape has been kicking around for years,
Archival recordings from 1986/87
Recorded mostly at Riverina Flats


released 24 May 2014
Ralph Philips, Nique Needles, Stu Spasm, Lachlan McLeod, Kevin Purdy, Patrick Kavanagh, Peter Read, Philip Clifford
Mar 132013


released 13 March 2013

Louis Burdett – Percussion, wind synth & electronics // Patrick Kavanagh – Guitar, keyboard, fx // Anastasia Mano – Vocals & Lyrics

Crap Erotica & Devil’s Lounge recorded live at Chingalings, Sydney, January 2011
All other tracks recorded at the Cougar Bar. Thanks go to Venom!
Mixed & Mastered at Death Trap Productions, Adelaide
Produced & Engineered by Patrick Kavanagh
#02 2013

Jan 232013




“So What’s Your Motto?” by ‘Moist’ presents archival recordings of the lovely Sydney trio Moist from 1986/7.
Peter Read – Guitars, Drum & Synth Rhythms, Vocals
Ralph Philips – Drum Kit, Vocals, Trombone
Patrick Kavanagh – Trumpet, Sax, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal (on Toten Tanz)

Tracks 1-4 recorded live at Taree RSL
Dedicated to Ralph Philips

May 052012

Louis Burdett – Electronic drums, violin, sampler & Sherman filterbank.
Patrick Kavanagh – Synths, looping & processing.
Anastasia Mano – Vocals | 2011 Killers Car Records#001 CD & DVDBuy Now  $15 AUD | edition of 100

DVD includes all tracks interpreted in a majestic representation of Radiolaria and Siphonophorae from Ernst Haekel’s art forms in nature…


Nov 132011

Home by X-E-S
Louis Burdett | Patrick Kavanagh | Anastasia Mano
2011 Killers Car Records#001
… a majestic representation of Radiolaria and Siphonophorae from Ernst Haekel’s art forms in nature…
proudly presented by Twisted Subterranean Death Trap

Feb 112011

Patrick Kavanagh, Bex Champion, Tim Townsend, Peter Read on tracks 1,2,3,6,8,12, Matt Gleeson plays drums on tracks 6 & 8.
Tracks 6 & 8 recorded live at Horse Bizarre, Melbourne 2009. All other tracks recorded in the Box, Bendigo.